How can I donate?

To donate to ApexCO, please click here.

We’ve adopted a system similar to CO 1.0 where we give CP and VIP for donations.

The donation process is very easy. When you make a donation of any amount you'll be redirected to paypal. Once you complete the donation you'll be redirected back to ApexCO.

You may then log into your character and visit the CPAdmin NPC in market to claim your reward! All donations are rewarded instantly! Keep in mind that rewards are calculated after paypal fees.

CPAdmin Donations

Any single donation of $10.00 or more will unlock VIP on their character for 30 days. To learn more about VIP features, please check out the VIP Guide.

How donations help us

Donations are very important to keep the quality of the server high. All donations go right back into hosting, hardware, programming, design, advertising, and troubleshooting.

Rest assured all donations go back into making ApexCO the absolute best North American Conquer Online experience possible.

Reward Tiers

You can view all donation reward tiers on our forum. Please be sure you are donating for the reward tier you want before continuing.


ApexCO does not offer refunds on donations. As donations go right back into improving the server please keep in mind that we will be unable to refund donations for any reason. If you have any issues with rewards not being appropriated correctly please contact our support staff so we can address your concerns.