What is VIP?

VIP is a status that is applied to your character for 30 days after the donation of 10 USD. It allows you to use a number of perks that others do not get to use while also rewarding CPs to help customize your character.

What do you get with VIP?

Below is a list of current VIP features that are already implemented:

VIP Codex

A book that will always remain in your inventory, it lets you use custom VIP only features.

Features Include:

  • Pack Items(Mets, DBs, Gems).
  • Clear Trash Items and ores from inventory.
  • Transport (Teleport to any map you select).
  • Remote Warehouse Access.
  • Notification on Meteor, +1, Elite and Super item drops.

Heaven Blessing

The player with Heaven Blessing can enjoy the following privileges:

  • Stamina increased by 50 points.
  • Revive Here, to revive whereever you die.
  • 30% EXP boost from killing monsters.
  • Will not lose EXP when killed by non-blessed players.

Online Training

You may gain 10 training points per minute.

How do I get VIP?

There's a number of ways you can obtain VIP status. VIP status can be gained by donating $10.00 USD or more in any single transaction at our donate page

Larger donations are awarded with tradable VIP tokens which can be sold or given to other players. You may also vote for 3 hours of free VIP access